Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

With 2 billion people using smartphones worldwide; apps have become part of daily life and cellphone usage. With that businesses have been able to reach more clients through mobile app use. The daily use of  mobile apps allow:
  • You to send push notifications to clients
  • Allow for additional sales opportunities
  • Compete with other businesses anywhere in the world
  • Collect data from your customers
  • Build your brand
By working with Behind Your Design before, and during app development we can help to significantly reduce your development and coding costs. Our unique interactive design process enables us to help create the look, feel and flow of the app without having to actually create the coding. 

Here is what one of our clients has to say about our Mobile App Design Process: 

"Working with Behind Your Design we were able to significantly reduce our coding costs while developing the Fitcom App. Being able to see the look and flow of the app enabled us to make the changes before coding occurred. Plus, with Behind Your Design's graphic design skills we had the added benefit of a extra pair of eyes looking at the app and helping us with design and help remedy user interface issues." 
Gary Boyd, CEO, FITCOM (

Contact us today and let us help you design your next mobile app. 

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